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a very potter musical, a very potter sequal, amy pond, antiquarks, art, artwork, baking, ball of stuff, blinking, bulbasaur, carbon, castform, caterpie, catherine tate, charmander, chicorita, cho chang, cowplants, daft punk, datadisks, david tennant, ditto, dobby, dr who, drama, duplo, electrons, flaaffy, gastly, god, goldeen, graphite, gyrados, hardrons, harry potter, haunter, hermione granger, house elves, identity disks, jesus, justice, keys, leggo, leptons, lightcycles, lithium, llamas, lupin, ma3a, magikarp, magnesium, matt smith, measons, momma umbridge, mudkips, music, musicals, neutrons, oxygen, painting, periodic table of elements, periodic tables, photons, piano, pikachu, playdough, plumb bobs, plumbbobs, pokémon, positrons, potter, potter puppet palls, protons, quarks, ron weasly, sci fi, science, silence, simming, sims, singing, snape, snorlax, starkid, starmie, tardis, the cracks, the gospel, the grid, theatre, time-space-continuum, tonks, torchic, torchwood, tron, tron 2.0, tron legacy, unknown, wibbley-wobbley-timey-whimey, your mum
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