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DW/PD Drabble Pt I - Petchy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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DW/PD Drabble Pt I [Oct. 17th, 2012|11:38 pm]
 What is this? This is a Doctor Who / Pushing Daisies
crossover fanfic which I have been doodling away at
on Tumblr, and it's always nice to amalgamate things
every once-in-awhile. This isn't the end of it, but it's
fun and nice to do something new. Hope you enjoy.



It was exactly four days, five hours and thirty six minutes before the Pie Maker would be formally introduced to the mysterious man who would bring mysterious news to the pie hole when he saw a strange blue box on the side of the road. He wondered if it was anything important, looked at his surroundings, and then continued on. It was a cold Autumn day and the sun was fuelling an orange glow on the world, and there was a message waiting for him back home in the shape of Emerson Cod.

“A murder, two cats and a lady, shovel and catnip, that order.”

And the Trio of Pie-Maker, Investigator and the girl known as Chuck who was once but no longer Dead would awaken and solve the mystery before them, pocket the reward and be done with it.

…But the Day the mysterious man walked in, however, was completely different.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor, I’m here to see the Pie Maker.”

The Doors swung open with his two comrades, one with Long Ginger hair and the other with an exceptional Nose, who were much more polite about the affair.

“Oh.. well he’s out I’m afraid, could I get you a slice of Pie?”

Olive Snook replied, cheery and bouncing as ever, stationed behind the counter, and within two minutes, five seconds and a heartbeat’s time the Trio had two immaculate pies in front of them - Blueberry and Nutmeg and Apple and Cinnamon - the companions shared, the Doctor didn’t seem particularly hungry with his.

As soon as the door opened again, though, he felt as though they wouldn’t be having chance to eat any time soon.

“Pie Maker,”

The Doctor said, a slight chew in his voice as his companions chewed on their last mouthfuls of Apple and Cinnamon pie,

”..I think we need to talk.”

The Pie Maker, also known as Ned, stopped dead in his tracks, but luckily managed to murmer the word “stopping” to the aid of the Girl Chuck behind - whom an accidental grace of the Pie-Maker’s skin would be fatal.. and this time for good.

The Doctor sat back down at the booth, and the Companions left their seats with a rolling of the eyes and a sigh, and head for the main counter at the front.

“Hi, my name is Chuck, and this is Olive, what brings you to the Pie Hole?”

The girl was a brunette, small and quaint, she had a gleaming heart despite it having been stopped once, and was eager to experience the universe now that she had a second chance.

“I’m Amy and this is my Husband Rory, we just flew in, I guess, well if you can call it flying..”

The two women behind the counter had the biggest of grins on their faces when the couple stopped looking at each other - Rory gave a face of “stop telling them everything” and Amy’s was much more “well next time you do the introducing” - because they had revealed their origins far past the expectations of Olive Snook or Charlotte Charles, they were from England!

“You’re from England!”

Olive exclaimed, but was shot down quickly by a disgruntled Amelia Pond:

“Scotland, actually.”

“Oh, oh, my apologies, I sometimes have a hard time ar-boot-tha-native-tounge”

She had a tendency to slip into terrible accents at the worst of times, Chuck, however, had a tendency to nudge ribs at just the right moment to stop her talking.

“Sorry, but please, the Pies are on the house!”

She left the station to wait on tables and serve coffee, and as she circled the room she caught a snippet of the conversation in the back booth by a certain Ned and a certain Mysterious man with a british accent.


The Pie Maker stood up in his state of disbelief at the news he had just been given, he looked across at Chuck, who was looking concerned but trying hard to detangle the hidden and cryptic facial expressions that Ned could hide, and then left.

“Ned..? Ned!”

The girl known to the Pie Maker as Chuck ran after him into the Autumnal cold and stood just outside the pie-crust roof of the Pie Hole shouting his name. A sorrow was growing in her heart, and her breath rose up into the sky. Ned was sat on the bench to the side, his breath a chimney but could not face her. She sat down next to him and spoke:

“It was about me, wasn’t it?”

She did not face him, but she knew. Living a secluded life without the outside world apart from the legacy of her Aunts - the Darling Mermaid Darlings, the world famous Synchronised Sisters, Aquatic extraordinaires and part-time Cheese connoisseurs - a lot of her new life was guesswork.

Ned, the Pie-Maker, turned to face his Chuck. Dressed in Buttermilk Yellow, the sun of his world and gleaming with life, again.

She turned to face him, and saw the sorrow in his eyes.

“I can’t say.”

The couple sat there waiting in the atumnal breeze, watching the leaves fall down and dance around the city, saw the people going about their lives and thought that - even if they couldn’t touch - they had the best deal of all of them. Silence. The Doors opened.

“Change of plan, I want to know everything, all of it.”

The Doctor, wild and reckless as usual bursted and broke the moment with his voice, popped the couple’s bubble and then sat next to the Pie Maker. Silence once again. The Pause left no time for second chances, and Chuck turned across to take it,

“Tell me what you already know and I’ll try and fill in the blanks.”

“A Pie Maker with the power to bring people from the dead, part time investigator and working with his undead girlfriend to uncover mysteries and fulfil last wishes before they’re gone forever.” The Doctor Smiled. “How ever could I resist?”