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SILENT DISCO LIVESTREAM, TODAY, 7PM [Jun. 14th, 2012|06:20 pm]
I’ll be silent live streaming at about 7:00 to the sounds of Daft Punk. I’ll be making an hour playlist and then releasing the track listing some time with pictures :)

I’ll be in the chat obviously, but I’ll mainly be making sims in Bodyshop [Probably will make about 4 or so if I push on.]

Hope to see you there! Sorry about the lack of talking, don’t really feel like it today, sadly. I’ll try and get the music direct, so you will have a better quality, if not, it could just be visual-only with a track-listing for own listening. Happy Simming everyone!

Round Up: Silent LiveSim @ 7pm GMT on Astro.exe LIVE
Cross-posted from Tumblr.


You can watch the live stream in five parts because for some reason it still doesn't want to upload correctly: I II III IV V

Playlist as promised below the cut, I am happy to give links to wherever you're stuck, if they're not soundcloudable, album tracks or other [The DJ-hero remix as an example] I'm happy to give you the files. Happy Simming and Listening!

An hour of Daft PunkCollapse )

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Dare to BenderGender? [Jun. 9th, 2012|03:13 pm]
[Tags|, ]

This is my entry for the maxis_taste dare #31, Gender Bender!
I chose my favourite Strangetown mixed bunch.. the Singles!
[NB: I Will update the link later]

Featuring Lars, Eric, Chad, and Kris.
[aka Lola, Erin, Chloe and Kristen!]

Photos Below!Collapse )

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LIVE STREAM [Jun. 1st, 2012|01:24 pm]

I’m going to be LIVE on LiveStream making a new neighbourhood in SimCity4 and then decorating and placing lots in Sims 2. Sound fun?! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to tell me, and I’ll try to do them! Hey, maybe if it’s going swell we’ll make some sims? That’d be cool.

Anyway, I’m gonna write an essay or something and be hopefully playing by 3PM GMT. I have no clue what that means for anyone else, so here is a handy tool to do that for you.

I’m stoked! Hope you guys are too, I’ll try and get my PC to optimum operating by having it only run the two programs but it’s being ridic at the moment.

So, again, Livestreaming on Astro.exe LIVE at 3pm GMT TODAY, Friday 1st, hope to see you there!

[Cross-posted from My Tumblr.]

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HOU and Sims! [Apr. 30th, 2012|10:52 pm]
Yes, I know, /Three/ posts and FIVE uploads in a matter of a few days? You guys know I'm due a hiatus around about now, right? LOL
OpenHOUse Hotel.
For skellington7d

More Photos and Download link @TBTO!



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TBTO Part II [Apr. 28th, 2012|04:19 pm]
This is my second gift for w_sims, to be honest, I'm amazed at myself for actually doing something sim related two days in a row, medal anyone? Trophy? No? Ok then. Here we go. Again, part of thebigtradeoff

112 Slate Street

Lot info: 1x2, Residential Starter Home, 20,000 Exactly, Furnished to get you by, Includes Phone and Fire Alarm.

Download Link and more Photos @ TBTO

Hope you enjoy!
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The Big Trade-off. [Apr. 28th, 2012|12:10 am]
Currently, I'm part of a round at thebigtradeoff with my entry HERE, this is the first trade for Wgroome, in exchange for some funky TRON Posters! Very Excited. Designed to fit in with his Slateville neighbourhood, I hope he likes! 

w_sims's Gift: Salt Springs Spa.

Lot Info: 2X2 Lot, Community, Features Toilet/Shower/Sleep facilities, Fully Furnished.

Download Link and more photos @ TBTO

Hope you like!
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Come on In! [Apr. 21st, 2012|02:44 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

B O D Y S H O P P E D   S I M S 


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If you follow me on all my blogs, you'll be sick of this post by now, sorry 'bout that. [Apr. 2nd, 2012|02:18 pm]

[At least you guys get a swanky new photo, though, right?] New image from a new set I took yesterday.

OK. I am going to sell some photos. How should I go about it?
I'm Pooling resources, guys!

I'd quite like to just send them out to whoever wants them, and if the person wants
they can acquire the original image for an additional price to have their own print done
in their favourite shop of choice [like for instance if they want a canvas print done,
those things are hella-expensive to do//send out, but if they have a shop locally that
does them, that'd be really convenient for everyone, see?]

So.. would anyone be interested in having my little photos on their wall? I personally don't
keep photos [and instead have lots of empty frames, I'm weird, I know] but I know other
people do, so tell me, and I'll see if I can make it happen.

I've just gone through my entire Flickr renaming and organising it all (I have new photos to
add to there, but for now that will do) So if you're interested, have a look at my Sets,
which are found here. In fact, have a look regardless, you might find something you
like or think that I should work on to get better at. Stumble about, have fun!

I hope you find something you like there, see you later!

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Boys are back in town. [Apr. 1st, 2012|05:15 pm]
[Current Music |Soulwax]

Here is a little collection of Two Sims for you guys to download, it's been awhile
since I've actually made some Sims 2 folks to download, so I hope I'm living up
to standards! [LOL] If you have any suggestions on styles I should try in the
future, or sims in my back-catalogue you'd like me to makeover and re-share
feel free to say! These guys were originally shared earlier today on my Tumblr.


+++Collapse )

+Collapse )

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Straight outta Hogwarts/Gallifrey [Mar. 27th, 2012|11:15 pm]
I realise that I never put this out there on my journal,
but I made a Sims 3 sim, and posted her to P_T and
on my Tumblr: Here is a joyus Link, TADAHHHH.

f anyone has any questions to ask, also
I thought we could make this journal for that?
It's always fun to do those every-so-often.
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